By Laurent Aucoin

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The entire products are directly made in my workshop in Malleval. Do not hesitate to come to visit it to discover my tools and methods of work.


You can find me every Sunday morning to the craft market of Lyon on the docks of the Saône.

I also participate in numerous exhibitions, you can find all the details of my next participations on this web site.

Green products

The wood and others used materials arise from recovery or from environment-friendly networks.

My inspirations ...

I imagined at first, then realized jewels thanks to the technique of the wood-turning.
The nature offering a big diversity I used more than sixty different essences, each with the color, the veining.
Necklaces, brooches, earrings being sometimes with small bronze or silver coin, obtained by the cast iron with lost wax..
For the patterns, the symbolism, I was inspired by pieces bring from journeys outcomes of the cultures Maya, Aztec, Inuit...

Then came boxes, caskets and display stands of jewels in turned-wood (excavation, texturage), hook, and sometimes earth during a work with a ceramist friend.

For 5 years I sculpture magic wands of wizards, partially inspired by the Harry Potter's fantastic universe. They are made in various materials: wood of course, but also horn, fangs, tooth, spun glass, metal, plucks... Each possesses a soul made of natural animal-derived or mineral elements.


Craft Magic Wands of Wizard (morgul) by Laurent Aucoin


Bouleau,os et bois de cerf

Craft Magic Wands of Wizard (morgul) by Laurent Aucoin


Bois de lilas ,dent de mustang

Craft Magic Wands of Wizard (morgul) by Laurent Aucoin


Bois de murier,os de renne

Craft Magic Wands of Wizard (morgul) by Laurent Aucoin


Bouleau ,os et corne de chevreuil

Craft Magic Wands of Wizard (morgul) by Laurent Aucoin


Acacia sombre ,os de cerf

Craft Magic Wands of Wizard (morgul) by Laurent Aucoin


Gencko biloba, plume de corbeau ,crâne cornu en étain argenté

Next Exhibitions

Salons Laurent aucoin

Boutique Hélias Frogg

rue Lanterne 69001 Lyon

30/11/-0001 -

Boutique proposant des objets issus des univers Alice ,Jules Verne ,et bien sûr Harry Potter

Salons Laurent aucoin

Foire des sorcières de Malain

Malain (Bourgogne)

08/06/2019 - 09/06/2019

Salons Laurent aucoin

Marché des créateurs

Vernoux en Vivarais 07

01/08/2019 - 01/08/2019

Salons Laurent aucoin

Médievales de Desaignes

Désaignes en Ardèche

10/08/2019 - 11/08/2019

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